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PARODI Professional Care Creams and Moisturizers

PARODI Daily Moisturizing Hand Cream is the every day choice for those whose hands are frequently exposed to water, chemicals, heat, gloves, dry weather or other irritants. The highly concentrated, fast absorbing, non-greasy formula is actually based on the nourishment of a face lotion, and was designed to revitalize and

Complete, at Home Dental Care with Boca Products

Boca is a line of products dedicated to oral health for children and adults. Their feature toothbrushes made with Binchotan charcoal bristles to help prevent bacteria, electric heads, Teflon and petroleum free mint floss, natural mint toothpaste and Cocorinse, made with organic peppermint and coconut oil. Available at ∆

MonBaby – Wireless Baby Monitor and App

MonBaby is a smart, wireless baby monitor. Just clip the pastel colored (white, blue or red) button to your infant's pajama, connect it via Bluetooth to your iPhone or Android and you're all set to monitor body position, breathing, movements and to detect falls. Works on a watch type battery.

Reading Glasses that are Always Available

Thinoptics have created reading glasses that are stylish, flexible and feather-light. They come in three reading strengths that cover most users. They are shipped with a "pod" that can stick to the back of your smart phone or anywhere you may need glasses. The company features glasses in several shades

Kiklos Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The supermarket and specialty stores' shelves are lined with such a large variety of olive oil, that making a choice is getting more difficult by the day. The type of olives, the country of origin, the method, age and so much more, they all come into play. The fact that

Press Preview of New Consumer Products

by Nava and Michael Raviv Consumer Product Events has recently presented to the press several entrepreneurs and the products they've created. Here is a summary of the beauty, fashion, accessories and home products introduced. BrushGuard - A line of products to clean and maintain make-up brushes including: The Brush Guard, The Brush

Organic Spa Magazine Hosts Media Showcase in NYC

by Nava and Michael Raviv Organic Spa Magazine and Organic Spa Media presented their annual media marketplace for NY based editors, bloggers and social influencers. On displays were organic health and beauty related products and destinations. Here are a brief summaries of all the presenters and sponsors and links to their