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Warwick Hotels & Resorts Announces Beginning of New Era

Warwick International Hotels has completed a company-wide rebranding initiative that includes a new corporate identity, a new logo and revised visual language. The brand is now named Warwick Hotels & Resorts.

The Warwick brand represents a 35-year-old collection of distinct, upscale hotels and resorts and high level of standards and services.

Previously each hotel in the collection utilized its own individual logo. As the company has continued to grow, (50+ properties in 25 countries, including the United States, Caribbean, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa) it became important to unify the Warwick brand.

Warren Chiu
Warren Chiu

While the company’s name has changed, its core mission and values have not, according to Warren Chiu, Vice President of Development for Warwick Hotels & Resorts.

“Our company’s mission is to continue to invest in our hotels to ensure the highest standard of satisfaction and quality for both our new and returning guests,” said Chiu. “From a growth standpoint, our mission is to expand the Warwick brand in locations that will add strategic and financial value to the company as a whole.”

In the past three years, Warwick Hotels & Resorts has added new hotels in key locations, including Chicago, Dubai and on October 2016, Nassau Paradise Island, the Bahamas.

In addition to new hotel openings, Warwick Hotels & Resorts has invested more than $25 million in the past three years in the renovation and refurbishment of its core hotels, including New York, Paris, San Francisco, Brussels and Fiji.

In addition to the name and logo change, the rebranding encompasses changes in staff uniforms, guest room collateral items, color schemes, communication materials, staff training programs, facade and interior signage as well.

Warwick Hotels & Resorts will soon announce plans for additional initiatives as the company continues its forward momentum.

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