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Robotic Vacuum Cleaner from Bissell

The SmartClean® Robotic Vacuum cleans your floors automatically by self navigating under furniture, along edges and corners and in hard-to-reach places. You can schedule the cleanings at any convenient time, and the robot will self activate and return to its self-charging docking station. You just have to empty the dust bin when full.

See the robot in action
See the robot in action

The SmartClean Vacuum features dual spinning edge brushes for corners and edges, a rotating brush roll to lift embedded debris and hair, and strong suction to gather loose dirt into its dust bin. It adapts to multiple floor types including low-pile carpet, hard floors, tile and laminates. It features Opticlean® sensors that find dirt and debris, and its Invisible Wall technology keeps the robot in the rooms you want to clean.
Robotic vacuums are meant to help keep the house clean in between regular vacuuming. Available at retailers and online. For more information visit
Bissell 1974 SmartClean Robot Vacuum

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