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MOCAheart — A new heart health monitor

MOCAheart is a new, portable device designed to work with your smart phone to easily monitor cardiovascular health. By scanning thumbs, MOCAheart measures blood velocity to determine a number of heart health indicators including heart-rate, blood oxygen levels and a measurement on a 1-5 scale called the MOCA INDEX, which correlates to blood pressure. Generally, the faster blood travels through blood vessels, the more pressure the heart is under.

MOCAheart is not a replacement for medical testing, but rather is a simple and quick tool that empowers people to monitor their health and take action when results are outside the normal range.

The MOCA INDEX is a way to keep track of known conditions and to get early warnings.

A range of accessories, including a leather keychain and a smartphone case are also

Keychain holder for the MOCAheart.
Keychain holder for the MOCAheart.

Product info:

  • Measurement of Heart Rate (HR), Blood Oxygen Level (SpO2) and MOCA Index (MI)
  • Materials: Medical-grade stainless steel and biocompatible plastic
  • Sensors: Optical sensor and electrode
  • Dedicated iOS and Android MOCAheart app
  • Displays history and trend views, and automatically records environmental factors such as weather and location
  • Provides ability to add notes to each reading and send results via in-app messaging service
  • Battery life: 3 days (3~5 times use per day)
  • Battery recharge: 40-60 min by micro USB
  • Dimension: 1 3/8” x 2 3/4” x 1/4” (35 x 70 x 6.35 mm)
  • Weight: est. 0.7 oz~ 1 oz (20~30g)
  • Accessories: MOCA leather keychain, MOCA phone case (currently for iPhone 6 only, Android cases coming soon)
  • Supports iOS 8 HealthKit


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