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Self lacing shoes from Treksta

Treksta, the award winning leader in outdoor footwear, offers the Hands Free 103 active shoe. This shoe features a lacing system designed for those challenged with injuries, sore knees or troublesome fingers. The foot-activated system eliminates the need to bend over to either put on the shoe or to tie

Great Knife Sharpener for the Home Chef

AnySharp touts their sharpener as the "World's Best Knife Sharpener," so when I requested a sample, I assumed that it will end in the bottom of my useless gadgets drawer. I was pleasantly surprised. The sharpener is compact and it feels like a solid, quality product. It locks to the

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner from Bissell

The SmartClean® Robotic Vacuum cleans your floors automatically by self navigating under furniture, along edges and corners and in hard-to-reach places. You can schedule the cleanings at any convenient time, and the robot will self activate and return to its self-charging docking station. You just have to empty the dust

The Best Travel Guide of Free Things

The Best Things in Life are Free, the new travel guide from the Lonely Planet is packed with money-saving tips, tricks and recommendations for the best-value sights and experiences around the world. The guide is organized geographically covering many themes and destinations such as: Africa: Wildest experiences • Safari without the big

New PowerGlide Iron from T-fal

T-fal's newest launch, the PowerGlide Steam Iron FV2640, is designed for optimal glide and easy ironing, and has T-fal's most powerful steam output. The 1800 Watt Iron has two layer T-fal Durilium Ceramic Technology Coating for "glidability," and the first-of-its-kind calc collector to remove hard water deposits. The Iron also features an ergonomic steam

Le Marais Cookbook

Le Marais - A Rare Steakhouse.... Well Done, is a new cookbook by executive chef Mark Hennessey and owner Jose Meirelles of Le Marais Kosher Steakhouse,  the popular restaurant in Times Square, NYC. The book tells the story of the famed restaurant along with recipes of dishes that have delighted patrons

Complete, at Home Dental Care with Boca Products

Boca is a line of products dedicated to oral health for children and adults. Their feature toothbrushes made with Binchotan charcoal bristles to help prevent bacteria, electric heads, Teflon and petroleum free mint floss, natural mint toothpaste and Cocorinse, made with organic peppermint and coconut oil. Available at ∆

MonBaby – Wireless Baby Monitor and App

MonBaby is a smart, wireless baby monitor. Just clip the pastel colored (white, blue or red) button to your infant's pajama, connect it via Bluetooth to your iPhone or Android and you're all set to monitor body position, breathing, movements and to detect falls. Works on a watch type battery.

Reading Glasses that are Always Available

Thinoptics have created reading glasses that are stylish, flexible and feather-light. They come in three reading strengths that cover most users. They are shipped with a "pod" that can stick to the back of your smart phone or anywhere you may need glasses. The company features glasses in several shades